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Year 2022 was GREAT!!

Updated: Apr 2

By Steve, January 2023

Year 2022 was phenomenal for the Life Matters Training Center. The ministry began in November of 2019 with the mission to disciple the next generation to be involved in rescuing pre-born children from abortion, promoting a culture of life, and winsomely sharing the Gospel. Students at the LMTC live together as a family with LMTC founders Julie and Steve. Students receive Christian discipleship, along with training and equipping in pro-life work primarily at pregnancy centers and outside of abortion facilities. Over time we have expanded to street outreach and evangelism to people in their own communities, the homeless, the drug-addicted, and college-age students on campuses.

Below, check out just a few of the many, many photos from year 2022.

** Life Matters Training Center activities depend on financial support from individuals, churches, and organizations. Your contribution is 100% tax-deductible and helps us train the next generation to faithfully and effectively serve the Lord by advocating for the lives of pre-born children and sharing the Gospel on the streets of our communities. To partner financially with us, go to and click on “Donate.”

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