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Walgreens Protests-Oneida & Rome

Updated: Apr 2

By Steve, 03/07/23

Our fifth and sixth “Signs for the Times” ministry events occurred on 03/04/23 in front of Walgreens pharmacies. One was at Main St. and Rt. 5 in Oneida, NY. Another was at South James St. and Erie Boulevard East in Rome, NY. I wasn’t present at either event, during our each one hour visit, so I don’t know how many vehicles passed each event in two-way traffic. Within 10 minutes at the Oneida location, the police showed up stating they got a call and they had to respond. The officer said our group was totally fine in what we were doing and where we were located on the sidewalks in front of each location. One person in our group went into both pharmacies and spoke to a manager at each and informed them of what we were doing and why. They were both civil conversations.

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