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Pro-Life on the Streets

Updated: Apr 2

By Steve, 02/11/23

The “Signs for the Times” fourth ministry event occurred on 02/11/23 at the intersection of N. Salina Street and Hiawatha Boulevard W. in Syracuse, NY. In one hour 967 vehicles passed by us in two-way traffic. The usual approval and disapproval gestures were made by some drivers.

During our first four events, 4,612 vehicles passed by our signs in two-way traffic. With many vehicles containing multiple people, many people are being exposed to the pro-life message. We pray that people who see our signs and who value the life of the pre-born will be encouraged and emboldened to spread the pro-life message by whatever manner and method that suites them.

** Life Matters Training Center activities depend on financial support from individuals, churches, and organizations. Your contribution is 100% tax-deductible and helps us train the next generation to faithfully and effectively serve the Lord by advocating for the lives of pre-born children and sharing the Gospel on the streets of our communities. To partner financially with us, go to and click on “Donate.”

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