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Pro-Life in Vestal, NY

Updated: Apr 2

By Joanna M., July 2022

Soon after we arrived at the abortion facility in Vestal, NY at 8:30 am the first facility escort showed up. One by one, staff members and facility escorts began to arrive. Two of the staff members even parked their cars perpendicular to the lined parking spaces in an attempt to block us and our signs by taking up five spaces instead of two. However, their efforts were in vain as they left enough of a gap for us to easily be seen by those entering and leaving the facility. The last escort's arrival made a total of six escorts! Many people have volunteered to be escorts since the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

I think there were about four girls who went into the facility for abortions but thankfully no more as there have been as many as ten or twelve counted in one day. After a while a girl drove up, parked her car sideways next to the others, put down her windows, and turned up her rock music. She sat in her car for probably twenty minutes with the music blaring. Some of the escorts came over to chat with her and eventually she got out of her car and joined their group in front of the building. Then, another lady arrived with a little boy who might have been ten years old. She yelled things at us trying to get in a fight but we mostly ignored her knowing that she wasn't interested in being reasonable. She then joined the crowd in front of the door. They were partying over there and making quite a scene. Julie even called the police to report a noise violation for the rock music!

Most girls would have been turned off by all the action and attention surrounding the place and we believe that one girl was! We saw a couple drive in who looked very much like they were there for an abortion, but once they drove around the parking lot for a few minutes, they both ended up leaving!! We were very encouraged and spent time praying for them. We never know what we will run into when we are at an abortion facility. God has amazing ways of working, and if we are faithful, we trust God will work.

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