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No to the Abortion Pills

Updated: Apr 2

By Steve, 02/04/23

On 02/04/23 our second “Signs for the Times” ministry event occurred at the intersection of Commercial Drive and Henderson Street in New York Mills, NY. During our one hour stay in the 3 degrees above zero temperature, 1,293 vehicles passed by us in two-way traffic. We stood in front of a Walgreens pharmacy. Why in front of Walgreens? Because it appears that Walgreens may be working toward meeting the requirements to provide the abortion pills. CVS and Rite Aid pharmacies also seem to be doing so.

“Mifepristone, the first of two drugs in medication abortions, previously had to be dispensed only by clinics, doctors or a few mail-order pharmacies. Now, if local drugstores or chains like CVS agree to certain rules, they can provide it. The second drug in the regimen, misoprostol, has never been as tightly restricted as mifepristone and is used for many different medical conditions; it is easily obtained at pharmacies through a typical prescription process. Misoprostol, which causes contractions that expel pregnancy tissue, is taken 24 to 48 hours after mifepristone.” (The New York Times article accessed online on 02/11/23 at

Notice the phrase “pregnancy tissue” in that article. That phrase is an attempt to sugarcoat the ugly truth that what is being expelled is a human being, a living human being, a person. One purpose of sugarcoating is to soften the impact of something shocking, crude, ugly, embarrassing, etc. In that regard, “abortion” is the sugarcoat for “killing,” “women’s health care” is the sugarcoat for “abortion,” “clump of cells” is the sugarcoat for “human being” or “person.” “Reproductive health” is a sugarcoat for killing a person in the womb.

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