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More "Signs for the Times"

By Steve, 04/02/23

Due to other ministry activities, we have not engaged in our “Signs for the Times” ministry since 03/07/23. The weather was beautiful on 04/01/23 so we decided to get one in. About a dozen of us held our signs on the sidewalk in front of Walgreens pharmacy in Oneida, NY. It’s so much more pleasant to do this in warm weather rather than the cold weather! As usual, we held up various pro-life signs. In 1 hour 684 passed by our signs. For our previous outings the favorable to unfavorable horn honks and thumbs up and middle fingers feedback has been about anywhere from 5 to 1 to 10 to 1. This day was different. Favorable to unfavorable was about 20 to 1!! Think of what could happen politically if the silent pro-life people spoke up. If pro-lifers were as active and assertive as those who are pro-abortion, there could be some significant pro-life developments in our country. One goal of our “Sign for the Times” ministry is to encourage people to be bold for life. Imagine the effect if in communities all across the nation people emulated this ministry. You who are reading this -- how about starting such a ministry in your community.

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