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From Abortion to Salvation

Updated: Apr 2

By Joanna M., Summer 2022

One thing that I learned from and was encouraged by occurred on a day that we did street evangelism. A girl stopped by our table, which displays pro-life and Gospel material, curious about what we were doing. We explained our pro-life position to her and how abortion hurts women and is sinful in the sight of God, etc. She told us how happy she was that we were working to bring awareness to the wrong of abortion and proceeded to tell us her story.

She told us that she had an abortion a few years ago. Instead of having the surgical procedure done, she was given the abortion pill. She was told that this method would be an easy and safe “fix.” Instead, she had a horrible, painful experience with the process. She told us that her experience convinced her that abortion is a bad option and that she believes that no one else should have one.

She also told us that she got saved a few years ago and explained that her salvation came after a long time of running from God. She seemed to be very interested in growing in her relationship with God and seemed to understand the importance of surrounding herself with good, positive influences while working to escape the situations that were sinful and harmful to her and her spiritual growth. She even accepted our invitation to go to church that night!

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