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Cicero, NY Walgreens Protest

Updated: Apr 2

By Steve, 02/11/23

Our third “Signs for the Times” ministry event occurred on 02/11/23 at the intersection of Rt. 31 and Thompson Road in Cicero, NY in front of a Walgreens pharmacy. During our one hour visit 849 vehicles passed by us in two-way traffic. We received the usual approval short beep-beeps and thumbs-ups as well as the usual disapproving long beeeeeeeeps and middle fingers. Whatever happened to the thumbs-down for disapproval? It’s much nicer, and unlike the middle finger signal, it doesn’t instantly demonstrate that a person is crude, uncouth, and unrefined.

A woman whose car was parked in the Walgreens parking lot emerged from the store and used lipstick or something like it to write on her car windows “My Body, My Choice.” She didn’t say anything to us, didn’t look at us, and didn’t use any hand gestures. She just drove away in front of us. While we disagree with her, we respect her civility. And while we will agree that her body is her body, a baby in the womb is not the mother’s body. It’s its own body, its own person, and therefore there is no right to kill it.

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