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Boardwalk Chapel

Updated: Apr 2

By Joanna M., September 2022

We went on a mission trip to the Boardwalk Chapel in Wildwood, NJ. We handed out a lot of tracts and I was able to have a few really good gospel conversations with people. One day we had a pro-life day and I was able to speak on the early stages of a baby’s development. I really enjoyed that opportunity and I find it so cool that I am able to begin educating others on the pro-life issues that I have been learning in my time at the Life Matters Training Center.

The next week I was able to volunteer for Syracuse Right to Life at their N.Y. State Fair booth. The pro-life training that I received over the summer through trainings and conferences equipped me so well for this job. The opportunity to share with people what I learned helped me to become more confident in what I know. I really enjoyed it because it was an opportunity to use things I learned in the classroom in everyday life.

** Life Matters Training Center activities depend on financial support from individuals, churches, and organizations. Your contribution is 100% tax-deductible and helps us train the next generation to faithfully and effectively serve the Lord by advocating for the lives of pre-born children and sharing the Gospel on the streets of our communities. To partner financially with us, go to and click on “Donate.”

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