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A Week of Evangelism & Pro-Life

Updated: Apr 2

By Joanna, 03/20/23

I spent one full week with Life Matters Training Center. We focused on evangelism and pro-life advocacy.

I was aware of abortion and believe it is wrong. As I heard and learned more about abortion and looked at the people going in and out the abortion facility, it broke my heart.

I learned how powerful prayer is. The fact that we stand in front of the abortion facility and pray for them is so powerful even it seems not. I felt so much compassion not only for the babies, but also for the women. Abortion may seem like it only hurts babies, but in reality, women are hurting themselves both physically and spiritually. Nevertheless, God is good in that He is sovereign, patient, and loves this world so much that He is using this ministry to turn souls to Him.

Street evangelism revealed the dark side of America to me. There are many people who need Jesus. It was a blessing to share God’s love with people. It is God’s grace that He is using me despite my prideful self and that He doesn’t even need me or have to use me.

It was quite busy schedule all week, but I am thankful to have had so much experience in this short time. I am grateful to be able to be a small part of His ministry.

** Life Matters Training Center activities depend on financial support from individuals, churches, and organizations. Your contribution is 100% tax-deductible and helps us train the next generation to faithfully and effectively serve the Lord by advocating for the lives of pre-born children and sharing the Gospel on the streets of our communities. To partner financially with us, go to and click on “Donate.”

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