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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Julie Rosati, PLTC Director, and Steve run the Life Matters Training Center. They were married December 2014 and have been raising foster children and serving the pro-life movement together! Steve especially enjoys leading the home spiritually, leading devotions and talking with abortion vulnerable men to encourage them in their Fatherhood. Together they will train and care for the students at the training center. Here they are with their three kids, adopted from the foster care system in September 2019. 


 Julie and Katherine, a student at the Life Matters Training Center, accompanied a young woman facing a crisis pregnancy to her ultrasound. Amber did not have anyone else to go with her and she begged Julie, whom she had known for 6 years. Amber, who was due the following month, had not received any prenatal care due to pervasive hopelessness, abuse, and lack of support. Katherine remarked about this experience, “It made me realize how much I could impact someone with just a little bit of my time and prayer. There is a sense of purpose in helping a person realize their own worth and the worth of their baby in God's eyes." Because of the connection Julie and Katherine made with Amber, she decided that if she were having a girl, she would name her baby after Julie. When they found out she was expecting a boy, she asked Julie and Katherine to help name her son.  

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Do you know someone who would thrive from dedicating one week, three months, one year, or any other time period to learning to effectively share the pro-life message at the Life Matters Training Center? 

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